Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Organic Modeling week 9

Week 9 kicks off a new project for me -- I could have either continued with the ogre or used the last two sessions with Gio to start from scratch and see what I've learned with a new concept.

The ogre will get more love later but time to put the skills to the test and build a new character from a sphere~

 I chose this lady: http://douzen.deviantart.com/art/Deep-one-340095834

Notes from Gio to apply to Week 10:
-Make the head smaller and elongate neck slightly

-Likes how I handle forms, likes the subtlety; "keen eye for it" ( :) !)

-Pull tentacle-horns out more, the concept is pretty expressive
-More chin

-Follow through with the ridges more; follow through and blend to suggest structure underneath the skin

-For week 10 either pose her or continue on with the detail!

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