Thursday, February 18, 2016

Organic Modeling Week 2

Week 2 feedback! Our task was to create a tentacle to practice "water balloon" form. A way to learn the weight and flex of muscles in general (as opposed to specific humanoid anatomy).

-Fluid and dynamic pose - flow and gesture
He loves my pose (squeeeee "One of the more successful poses..."!!)

-My concerns about overly smoothing the details are noticeable but looks natural.
-Needs to be a little more descriptive with some of the "water balloons", like at connecting points, for example (pinch points).
-Lost some definition with the smoothing.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Organic Modeling Week 1

First week of the Mastering Organic Modeling class!

Gio Nakpil has a great personality for teaching - chill but clear in message.
The first assignment was a "doing things the hard way" kind of project: Turning a zSphere into a cube, turning that cube back into a Sphere, and then pulling a Cube out of that Sphere. Catch was to only use ClayBuildup, hPolish, DamStandard, and Move (and Smooth of course) brushes. Masking was ok...I used a touch of LazyMouse (hopefully that was also ok ;) )

Squircle? Sphube? Sphox?

Basically reworking the surface over and over again until the desired effect is achieved. The only stopping point I could find was that I just had to - otherwise I'd still be working on it. Mildly lumpy but still good, yeah.