Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Organic Modeling week 8

Week 8! Final structured week. The next two weeks are up to us. I'll be starting a new project, but will finish the surface detail of the ogre eventually. I plan to also check his topology and maybe get into texture...we'll see.

The chosen pose:

Gio's Feedback
"Looking good" - he likes that right side scapula-back area (!)
"Strong, clean, there is good weight to the forms; good twist in waist"

"Keep in mind: with anything bearing weight to amp up the forms (example the weight bearing legs).
Show more flex in the muscles, more stress from supporting the upper body"

I asked for which of these concepts would be the best to work on for the next two weeks. Gio likes 1 and 5 best, which works because so did I, and leans towards 5 since it is more fully rendered. I will probably make some alterations to the design (as I noted in the image). "Creature of the deep" it is then.~

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Organic Modeling week 7

Week 7!
Poses! Did what I could with limited time but I will always regret not putting the ogre in one final pin-up pose...

Anyway, what I turned in:

(we were to turn in the lowest subdivision for the sake of critique)

(Higher subdivision details projected on, but by no means adjusted post posing!)

And Gio's feedback:
"Crawling pose - he may be a bit too low - bring him up from the surface; more gorilla less slink."        Me: Maybe redo the crawl all together, I can do better :D

"Standing pose - like this one a lot. Play up the twist in the torso and neck more" (see images)

"Leaping/Hulk - needs some shoulder raising, lifting up all the muscles and forms riding on top. Looks more powerful that way. Break up the arm symmetry. Pose feet more - curled in, cupping. Exaggerate back bend and motion."

Standing and Leaping pose are the winners - but the standing is a "beautiful, classic monster pose -- nice movement to it as you turn".

Screenshots of Gio's tweaks in action:

For week 8, I'll be applying Gio's critiques to the standing pose (most likely) and re-applying the previous week's teachings to the newly posed muscles and other forms in Motion~

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Organic Modeling week 6

Week 6 Surface detailing!
Minimal, if any, use of alpha map for surface detail. I didn't finish but I got good coverage on the head and face, and the majority of the torso. The arms and legs didn't make it in time, next week ;)

Here's some feedback from Gio to apply for week 7 or week 8, depending on how the class progresses:
"Certain parts feel a little too square and grid-like -- like in the cheeks-
Think of how the cheek forms insert under the eye; extending the fan-like shapes and avoiding creating lines that are too parallel from eachother, too tik tak toe (neck, cheeks, etc).

Nice organic leathery feel."

Friday, March 11, 2016

Organic Modeling week 5

Made it through Week 5!! Half way point...whew. Work, gym, homework, bed is getting rough!

So week 5 is Tertiary shapes - shapes built off of the secondary forms and adding interest and detail to the surface. These shapes are still ruled by the forms built below them so are not surface detail like pores, etc.

I addressed the feedback from the previous week and though the ogre is still very much Gio's design - I've been trying to fiddle with the horns, the feet, and proportions.

Notes from Gio for week 5: (paraphrased :) ! )

"-Body is working nicely.
-Readability in the face being hurt by the upper lip/maw area details. Shapes on the nose are too repetitive. Breaking this up will help get rid of the horizontal lines that cut through the face.
-Chin getting too busy.
-Horns feel too mechanical - work towards making them more organic. Think about how that vague horn spine blends into the skull/skin."

Friday, March 4, 2016

Organic Modeling week 4

Week is all about secondary forms - building on the primary shapes and adding the more structural detail.
Some feedback:

Feedback for week 4
"Looking a lot like his video, pretty one-to-one.
Getting the concepts
Nice naturalistic look to it

Extra compression fold under neck, so the gap isn't so large. Like a water balloon beign squeezed out the sides.
Extend the head fold a bit around the neck/skull"
So good and bad, it basically looks like his ogre -- I will be taking some extra time next week to TRY to add some personal detail. We'll see how it goes.

I'm still pretty excited to be doing an ogre at all since I never do any beast or creature. But I want to do more :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Organic Modeling Week 3

So Week 3 begins the start of working on a particular character from concept. Our options were to A) follow along with Gio, our teacher, with his ogre design, B) to find another artist's concept and follow that, or C) create our own concept.

I chose to follow along with the ogre...but I'm a bit self conscious about that after seeing how many others chose a separate concept. I do like the ogre, and I hope to do my best to add a personal touch to it - in the end.

Anyway, Week 3 was to "block out" the primary forms of the concept - avoiding secondary detailed shapes.