Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Extra Notes on Deep One

Got a nice critique from friend-Tony as he passed by!

-Look at pin fish for fin reference

-He wants me to take a better look at the hind limbs of animals like deer, to better render that bone structure in the legs.

-Put more stress on the legs/toes, and spread the toes for balance.
-Straighten legs a little, make her less stubby and more graceful (probably will become obvious when looking at deer)

-Look at the quads of swimmers, especially, but also skaters to better design that musculature.

-Some of the finesse or expression got lost from the face in the sculpting process, try to bring that back... I'll fiddle with this, I did want to make her more creature and less anime-cute but expression is important.

-Weeki Wachee mermaids for pose ideas ;)

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