Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Organic Modeling week 8

Week 8! Final structured week. The next two weeks are up to us. I'll be starting a new project, but will finish the surface detail of the ogre eventually. I plan to also check his topology and maybe get into texture...we'll see.

The chosen pose:

Gio's Feedback
"Looking good" - he likes that right side scapula-back area (!)
"Strong, clean, there is good weight to the forms; good twist in waist"

"Keep in mind: with anything bearing weight to amp up the forms (example the weight bearing legs).
Show more flex in the muscles, more stress from supporting the upper body"

I asked for which of these concepts would be the best to work on for the next two weeks. Gio likes 1 and 5 best, which works because so did I, and leans towards 5 since it is more fully rendered. I will probably make some alterations to the design (as I noted in the image). "Creature of the deep" it is then.~

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