Sunday, March 12, 2017


Lots of job changing, moving, and for-funsies travel here and there and everywhere but still working! :)

Carmen didn't get a continuation but started working on this little robo-skel-pirate by CreatureBox
( )

As an attempt to warm up to hard surface parts. Hoping to move this into Substance to try out some nice paint chipping off metal texturing, once he's done.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Still Kicking - Project Updates

Still alive, just an art hiatus due to burn out, moving, new job, etc etc.

The sculpting projects are temporarily on hold but I have plans for finishing them. My new desk is set up and ready now but then Steam Sale happened so you know...

In the mean-time there has been a "class" going on periodically at work. A concept art class with the assignment of taking an old video game character and updating it for Gen4 platforms/ games.

I picked Carmen Sandiego and decided to give her a tech-noir revamp. This will allow me to incorporate technological additions like robotics and cyber-themed aesthetics (hard surface, out of my comfort zone) and still keep her iconic red trench and hat combo. I found without those pieces, the ability of people to recognize her became non-existent. She's also a semi vague educational game icon, so hard enough to get recognition!

"Cybernetically enhanced thief and charismatic con artist, with dangerously high levels of self-confidence and a flair for the dramatic."
"Motivated by the thrill, non-lethal, prideful.."

Carmen Sandiego Revamp Pinterest 

Process doodles that span more time than I care to admit (hey, we work at work!)

So eventually this class will evolve into environment concept and industrial concept, and I'm hoping to use those to create a little cake-slice environment/pedestal and have a better design for her robotic parts. With all of that planned out fully she'll be modeled in ZBrush and finished. Eventually :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Extra Notes on Deep One

Got a nice critique from friend-Tony as he passed by!

-Look at pin fish for fin reference

-He wants me to take a better look at the hind limbs of animals like deer, to better render that bone structure in the legs.

-Put more stress on the legs/toes, and spread the toes for balance.
-Straighten legs a little, make her less stubby and more graceful (probably will become obvious when looking at deer)

-Look at the quads of swimmers, especially, but also skaters to better design that musculature.

-Some of the finesse or expression got lost from the face in the sculpting process, try to bring that back... I'll fiddle with this, I did want to make her more creature and less anime-cute but expression is important.

-Weeki Wachee mermaids for pose ideas ;)

Organic Modeling FINAL week!

Sadly the day has come to say goodbye to my class. While I need a break from homework I will miss having classmates again -- I remembered I love the feeling of working on art alongside others. I'll have to remember to leave a glowing review of the class, the Mold3D team, and Gio Nakpil of course. The only criticism I could have would be to critique harder, tough love, go for it I can take it! But that's not much of a criticism :)

Here is the current status of the Femme-Deep One. Pretty happy with her progress, although I will be making some changes to her features, adding details, and finalizing as I can find time. I rarely put that finishing touch on projects and I really think this creature and the ogre deserve that time and care.

I also threw her into a couple low-res poses to get feedback on that before it was too late:

Gio's final critiques:
I had doubts on my choice of back spines, his input:
"Instead of spines, go with a more aquatic-fish-vibe. More fin-like
Spines are too grotesque for the overall gracefulness of the creature
Echo the fins on her hips"

Likes the naturalistic stance from the concept art
Always twist more (refering to the swimming pose), exaggerate the bends and twists to enhance personality and movement

"With the swimming pose, creating a coral reef, under water reef, a moray eel pet, for a base would be stunning!"

I have trouble posing and controlling the multiple subtools involved in this design, so that will be another challenge to learn from~

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Organic Modeling week 9

Week 9 kicks off a new project for me -- I could have either continued with the ogre or used the last two sessions with Gio to start from scratch and see what I've learned with a new concept.

The ogre will get more love later but time to put the skills to the test and build a new character from a sphere~

 I chose this lady:

Notes from Gio to apply to Week 10:
-Make the head smaller and elongate neck slightly

-Likes how I handle forms, likes the subtlety; "keen eye for it" ( :) !)

-Pull tentacle-horns out more, the concept is pretty expressive
-More chin

-Follow through with the ridges more; follow through and blend to suggest structure underneath the skin

-For week 10 either pose her or continue on with the detail!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Organic Modeling week 8

Week 8! Final structured week. The next two weeks are up to us. I'll be starting a new project, but will finish the surface detail of the ogre eventually. I plan to also check his topology and maybe get into texture...we'll see.

The chosen pose:

Gio's Feedback
"Looking good" - he likes that right side scapula-back area (!)
"Strong, clean, there is good weight to the forms; good twist in waist"

"Keep in mind: with anything bearing weight to amp up the forms (example the weight bearing legs).
Show more flex in the muscles, more stress from supporting the upper body"

I asked for which of these concepts would be the best to work on for the next two weeks. Gio likes 1 and 5 best, which works because so did I, and leans towards 5 since it is more fully rendered. I will probably make some alterations to the design (as I noted in the image). "Creature of the deep" it is then.~

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Organic Modeling week 7

Week 7!
Poses! Did what I could with limited time but I will always regret not putting the ogre in one final pin-up pose...

Anyway, what I turned in:

(we were to turn in the lowest subdivision for the sake of critique)

(Higher subdivision details projected on, but by no means adjusted post posing!)

And Gio's feedback:
"Crawling pose - he may be a bit too low - bring him up from the surface; more gorilla less slink."        Me: Maybe redo the crawl all together, I can do better :D

"Standing pose - like this one a lot. Play up the twist in the torso and neck more" (see images)

"Leaping/Hulk - needs some shoulder raising, lifting up all the muscles and forms riding on top. Looks more powerful that way. Break up the arm symmetry. Pose feet more - curled in, cupping. Exaggerate back bend and motion."

Standing and Leaping pose are the winners - but the standing is a "beautiful, classic monster pose -- nice movement to it as you turn".

Screenshots of Gio's tweaks in action:

For week 8, I'll be applying Gio's critiques to the standing pose (most likely) and re-applying the previous week's teachings to the newly posed muscles and other forms in Motion~