Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Organic Modeling FINAL week!

Sadly the day has come to say goodbye to my class. While I need a break from homework I will miss having classmates again -- I remembered I love the feeling of working on art alongside others. I'll have to remember to leave a glowing review of the class, the Mold3D team, and Gio Nakpil of course. The only criticism I could have would be to critique harder, tough love, go for it I can take it! But that's not much of a criticism :)

Here is the current status of the Femme-Deep One. Pretty happy with her progress, although I will be making some changes to her features, adding details, and finalizing as I can find time. I rarely put that finishing touch on projects and I really think this creature and the ogre deserve that time and care.

I also threw her into a couple low-res poses to get feedback on that before it was too late:

Gio's final critiques:
I had doubts on my choice of back spines, his input:
"Instead of spines, go with a more aquatic-fish-vibe. More fin-like
Spines are too grotesque for the overall gracefulness of the creature
Echo the fins on her hips"

Likes the naturalistic stance from the concept art
Always twist more (refering to the swimming pose), exaggerate the bends and twists to enhance personality and movement

"With the swimming pose, creating a coral reef, under water reef, a moray eel pet, for a base would be stunning!"

I have trouble posing and controlling the multiple subtools involved in this design, so that will be another challenge to learn from~

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