Monday, June 27, 2016

Still Kicking - Project Updates

Still alive, just an art hiatus due to burn out, moving, new job, etc etc.

The sculpting projects are temporarily on hold but I have plans for finishing them. My new desk is set up and ready now but then Steam Sale happened so you know...

In the mean-time there has been a "class" going on periodically at work. A concept art class with the assignment of taking an old video game character and updating it for Gen4 platforms/ games.

I picked Carmen Sandiego and decided to give her a tech-noir revamp. This will allow me to incorporate technological additions like robotics and cyber-themed aesthetics (hard surface, out of my comfort zone) and still keep her iconic red trench and hat combo. I found without those pieces, the ability of people to recognize her became non-existent. She's also a semi vague educational game icon, so hard enough to get recognition!

"Cybernetically enhanced thief and charismatic con artist, with dangerously high levels of self-confidence and a flair for the dramatic."
"Motivated by the thrill, non-lethal, prideful.."

Carmen Sandiego Revamp Pinterest 

Process doodles that span more time than I care to admit (hey, we work at work!)

So eventually this class will evolve into environment concept and industrial concept, and I'm hoping to use those to create a little cake-slice environment/pedestal and have a better design for her robotic parts. With all of that planned out fully she'll be modeled in ZBrush and finished. Eventually :)

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