Friday, March 11, 2016

Organic Modeling week 5

Made it through Week 5!! Half way point...whew. Work, gym, homework, bed is getting rough!

So week 5 is Tertiary shapes - shapes built off of the secondary forms and adding interest and detail to the surface. These shapes are still ruled by the forms built below them so are not surface detail like pores, etc.

I addressed the feedback from the previous week and though the ogre is still very much Gio's design - I've been trying to fiddle with the horns, the feet, and proportions.

Notes from Gio for week 5: (paraphrased :) ! )

"-Body is working nicely.
-Readability in the face being hurt by the upper lip/maw area details. Shapes on the nose are too repetitive. Breaking this up will help get rid of the horizontal lines that cut through the face.
-Chin getting too busy.
-Horns feel too mechanical - work towards making them more organic. Think about how that vague horn spine blends into the skull/skin."

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