Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Organic Modeling week 7

Week 7!
Poses! Did what I could with limited time but I will always regret not putting the ogre in one final pin-up pose...

Anyway, what I turned in:

(we were to turn in the lowest subdivision for the sake of critique)

(Higher subdivision details projected on, but by no means adjusted post posing!)

And Gio's feedback:
"Crawling pose - he may be a bit too low - bring him up from the surface; more gorilla less slink."        Me: Maybe redo the crawl all together, I can do better :D

"Standing pose - like this one a lot. Play up the twist in the torso and neck more" (see images)

"Leaping/Hulk - needs some shoulder raising, lifting up all the muscles and forms riding on top. Looks more powerful that way. Break up the arm symmetry. Pose feet more - curled in, cupping. Exaggerate back bend and motion."

Standing and Leaping pose are the winners - but the standing is a "beautiful, classic monster pose -- nice movement to it as you turn".

Screenshots of Gio's tweaks in action:

For week 8, I'll be applying Gio's critiques to the standing pose (most likely) and re-applying the previous week's teachings to the newly posed muscles and other forms in Motion~

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